Some Health Farms Offer Pampering Rather Than Health And Beauty Therapy

With some Health Farms the accent is on beauty rather than health and offer nothing more rigorous than gentle pampering. The health farm you choose will depend largely on what you hope to gain from it.

How long?

A stay at a health farm can last as long as your money does, but many spas have a minimum stay of at least four or even seven days. This is particularly true for the more serious places, who believe that you need to stay that long before you can begin to benefit from the rest and the healthy diet that you’ll have enjoyed.

In fact, you can almost judge how serious a place is by the length of time it suggests you stay there. The more frivolous, short-stay places – which sometimes offer bargain breaks, or relaxing weekend breaks – tend to concentrate heavily on the beauty side rather than on health.

Health farms are certainly not cheap, and it’s important to choose one that will meet your particular needs. The choice is yours, after all, and you should spend time researching the best one for you.

The different approaches

Health farms vary considerably both in their attitude towards health and in the kind of treatments they offer. Many health farms adhere to one particular form of alternative medicine. This may be naturopathy, for example, which relies on natural methods, such as meditation, hot baths, massage and organically grown health foods, to promote fitness and well-being. Alternatively, it may be osteopathy or chiropractic, where the basic treatment is the manipulation of the spine in order to remove pressure from the nerves.

However, they also vary a lot in the attitude with which they approach their chosen discipline. Some spas take it very seriously indeed, and run their timetables along much the same lines as a nursing home. However, even so, the atmosphere is more informal and the surroundings generally more luxurious. Furthermore, when all’s said and done, you have the final choice to take it or leave it, and, in that knowledge, the routine. However, assiduously it’s run becomes a welcome, voluntarily chosen discipline, not an irksome and unpleasant one.

At the best clinics, the aim is not to treat one particular aspect of a person but rather to follow a holistic approach which means to treat the whole person and all aspects of that person’s general health, which includes emotional and psychological factors as well as physical ones.

At any health farm, you will probably be asked what you would like to do during your stay and what you hope to gain from it. If weight loss and improvement in body shape are your priorities, you will certainly be weighed and measured.

At some of the more serious clinics, you will have a fairly detailed consultation with one of the medical staff, during which you will be asked about your reasons for coming to the clinic, your past medical history, and any current medical complaints, and your weight and blood pressure will be measured. The consultation is modeled on an orthodox medical interview, though a full medical is rare.

Microdermabrasion Treatment For Health and Beauty

As we get older in years our skin starts to deteriorate fractionally and as in previous years when the body is functioning at normal capacity, natural exfoliation of the skin is not as active.

To help to correct this malfunctioning system of the body, mechanical devices have been developed that act in much the same way by removing or exfoliating the skin and helping to remove age spots, visible lines, acne scars, blemishes and stretch marks.

How does this treatment work?

There are two main types of systems available, Diamond Microdermabrasion and Aluminum Oxide crystal-flushing.

Microdermabrasion treatment for health and beauty works by using a fine, diamond-tipped, hand held wand to remove the top layer of skin and debris, leaving behind a new healthy layer of skin. The top layer consists only of dead skin cells which is why it is a safe method of treatment and non-evasive.

Diamond peeling is available as a Home Microdermabrasion Treatment System, as well as at your dermatologist’s office and many health clubs/spas.

Home systems are usually more affordable and do an excellent job but they are not quite as robust as those in our doctors office or spas. This difference being due to the size of the machines, usually more powerfully operated in clubs/spas but both giving the same end reult- exfoliation of the skin.

Microdermabrasion treatment for health and beauty is also available with Aluminum Oxide crystal-flushing but this system or treatment is being overtaken by the more modern Diamond Peel Miccrodermabrasion System of treatment.

Some of the reasons why Diamond Peeling is a superior approach:

* More spas, clinics are choosing Diamond Peeling treatments over crystal treatment machines.

* Aluminum Oxide is the second hardest mineral found on earth, the hardest being Diamonds.

* Diamond-tipped wands are less likely to leave behind any unwanted particles in the nose,eyes or mouth(crystals can easily be left behind).

* Diamond Microdermabrasion doesn’t require a fresh supply of crystals for each treatment, so it is more cost-effective over time.

To summarise, this product type of treatment, the Diamond Microdermabrasion System, is revolutionizing the Skin-rejuvenation industry due to its fast, safe and easy and more importantly, its proven method of reducing the effects of aging skin and naturally giving the skin back its healthy-looking glow!

Brian Siggy is a respected information publisher and highly recommends this anti aging system for effective home use, thus improving your health and beauty by rejuvinating the effects of aging skin.
Microdermabrasion is a fast, safe and easy way to re-establish the skins natural glow!

Maintaining Health and Beauty – Are Antioxidant Supplements the Answer?

In many aspects of life, including health and beauty, everyone seems to resort to shortcuts and instant remedies. Unhealthy lifestyles contribute largely to the destruction of our bodies and we seem to have come to the stage when we turn to instant cures or treatments. One of the most popular products in the market today are antioxidant supplements, which are promoted as the solution to a frail and aging body. What exactly are antioxidant supplements and what do they do? Antioxidants refer to the substances that are believed to fight against diseases related to aging such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer. Examples of antioxidants include vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids, lycopene, glutathione, and many more. They are known to stop the production of free radicals from oxidized tissues. These molecules form chain reactions that damage the cells. When antioxidants stop the chain reaction, cell death is prevented. It is in this light that pharmaceutical companies created antioxidant supplements and market them as the answer to many major health problems.

While antioxidants are indeed vital to the body, there are some important facts that you need to know before you decide to include one or more antioxidant supplements in your daily intake.

1. Antioxidants neither cure nor treat diseases. They may have properties and actions that can prevent cell damage but they should not be used as alternative medicine.

2. Most antioxidants can be found in healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and whole wheat. Each has its different properties and should be prepared exactly as they are meant to be prepared. For example, beta-carotene from carrots become more available when cooked while lycopene from tomatoes become less potent when cooked for too long. In general, processed and preserved foods have very little or no antioxidants left.

3. The claims of all antioxidant supplements as extraordinarily beneficial to the health are not reviewed and backed by the Food and Drug Administration. At best they are statements of their own lab researcher or maybe from someone hired to market their products. Although the results for researches on antioxidants showed positive results, it did not do the same for the supplements.

4. Some supplements even cause more damage to the body and even death. Wrong dosage, wrong combinations, fake antioxidants and other factors contribute to untrustworthiness of many supplement products. Clinical trials and studies do not support the effectiveness of antioxidant supplements. Some companies just take advantage of the people’s vulnerability to misleading information.

Take a Relaxing Steam Shower: It’s a Health and Beauty Aid

Steam shower is a very popular way of bathing which relaxes the mind and soothes the skin. In this kind of bathing, a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor in which a person takes bath. The steam shower room resembles a bathroom shower unit; the units are self-contained so that there is no escaping of water vapor into rest of the room. This is done to ensure that the paint, wall, or wall paper of the room is not damaged. The contains several features for generating steam in addition to a shower.

Modern steam shower rooms provide additional features like foot massagers, television, radios, telephones, ceiling rain showers, and aromatherapy. It come in different material including tiles, acrylic, stone, fiberglass, wood, and others.

Steam Bath Relaxes the Mind, Soothes the Body

The main purpose of a steam shower is to provide a steam bath which relaxes mind and body. It promotes beauty and health. As a supportive therapy, the steam bath is recommended for alleviating the conditions such as cough, bronchitis, hoarseness, and restricted movement of muscles and joints. It is an effective therapy in these conditions because of the benefits generated by the moist heat with high steam content.

This is also a supportive therapy for people suffering from sleep disorder, dry and chapped skin, muscular tension, muscular weakness, and sensitivity to sudden change of temperature. The beauty benefits are very popular among women. The moist heat stimulates the blood flow and this helps cleanse the skin. This is effective in opening up the skin pores, removing dead skin and impurities, and therefore leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean.

Choose Good Quality and Reputable Manufacturer

Many steam shower units are in markets which can be installed in home as well as health and beauty clinics. You must not remain for more than 15 to 20 minutes in the steam during first few sessions. The body should cool down properly after the steam bath otherwise the effects may be adverse. For this, a warm water shower and cooling down in fresh air is recommended.

When you buy steam shower units from a reputable manufacturer, you lower the risks of discoloration, cracks, leaks, and breakdowns. The main body of the steam showers is generally made of acrylic. Sometimes cheap acrylic material is mixed with bright colors to give a shining, bright, or very white finish. These low-quality materials have a tendency to catch fire easily and have unusually bright coloring. It’s advisable not to use this material in your bathroom. The fiberglass and reinforcements used in the units may be mixed with resin. This results in discoloration in very less time. Beware of such cheap material in the units.

The strength and durability of structure frame is necessary as it forms the base of the steam rooms. Aluminum frames are very popular, but it should of good quality, should not be mixed with cheap material. Reputable manufacturers use rust-free material, like stainless steel for the frames, to give more strength and longevity.

The tempered safety glass of 5 to 6 mm thickness provides safety and risk of breakage is less. The glass edge should be protected within the aluminum frame. To avoid leakage of water in the steam shower, stainless steel clips and valves should be installed as these are long-lasting and more durable as compared to those made of plastic or ceramic.